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Tipping for Restaurant Delivery.

June 11, 2011
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The drivers at GoWaiter North Orlando work hard and tipping is how they make money. I have decided to research and blog a little about this.
A tip, or gratuity, is a small amount of money given voluntarily as a token of appreciation for a service rendered. We tip our servers as a way of thanking them for good service. We might also leave a very low tip, or no tip at all, as a signal that the service was substandard.
A story on tips from CNN Money says:
Tipping experts recommend you tip a waiter or waitress 15 percent for adequate service, 20 percent for very good service and not less than 10 percent for very bad service. Why 10 percent for a bad time? Think of the busboys, the bartender and the hostess. In a lot of restaurants, a server pays out a percentage of their tips to others who help them serve you. By punishing the server, you’re punishing them

For the whole story click, We work on tips


Maitland Buisness Safety Expo

June 4, 2011
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Despite the rain on 6/1/2011 3 major businesses Charles Schwab, EA Sports and FIS located next to RDV Sports Complex in Maitland, FL. The Expo brought out many vendors that helped create awareness for what to do in a Disaster or Emergency situation. A fire drill is a method of practicing the evacuation of a building for a fire or other emergency. Some meteorologist from Wesh 2 News came into to speak to the employees about what to do in a major storm. The rain did affect the number of people inside EA, Schwab & FIS that would have attended the event. But the people who did attend were very generous for the food vendors that GoWaiter North Orlando had pleasure in organizing for the event.

Read the Full Story @ Maitalnd Business Safety Expo

Corp Catering for Orlando and Surrounding Areas.

May 23, 2011
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GoWaiter.com Caters Events ranging from box-lunch drop-off to full-service catering, A catering events success can’t be based on just Beautifully prepared food alone. With GoWaiter you can expect a successful event every time. You can expect delicious food & personalized service. GoWaiter has the expertise and variety to make your next catering event simple and successful. Let GoWaiter cater your next meeting. We offer hot and fresh food from your favorite restaurants. GoWaiter takes away the stress by assuring your food is delivered on time, set up and presentable.
GoWaiter.com works closely with local restaurants to deliver and set-up meals specially designed for businesses. We bring variety from Partner Restaurants like, Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, Carmela’s , Pickles, Black Bean Deli, Jersey Mike’s, Beef O’ Brady’s, Winghouse, Mellow Mushroom, Panda Express, Bubbalous BBQ.

How it Works

* Reservation-Call or place an advanced order online no later than 6pm the day before your event. Orders placed after 6pm the day before may require flexible delivery times.
* Food Delivery and Setup-GoWaiter arrives and sets up catering event at scheduled time.
* Payment-Major credit cards & company checks are accepted with prior approval. Charge accounts are available.
* Charges-Standard $4.99 delivery charge & 15% gratuity.


* Individual Meal Planning
* On-time Delivery & Setup
* Hundreds of Menu Items
* Platters & Trays-Great varieties of items and impressive presentations.
* Box Lunches-Quick & easy distribution for meetings or on-the-go meals.
* Hot Meals-Attractive buffet style dining; excellent for special events.
* Pizza Parties-Still the easiest and most popular meal. Just add salad and dessert to boost moral.
* Salads-Build-your-own salad bar and provide a fresh and healthy option for your event.
* Breakfast-Morning Deliveries of breakfast sandwiches, danish, sweets and coffee.
* Advanced Orders
One thing to remember we’re not just a Food Delivery Service that offers Catering. Were looking for corporate business, We’re business specialists who understand the menus, the schedules, the budgets and the flexibility that business requires.

>Free Food, Winghouse Girls & EA Sports!!

May 17, 2011
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>GoWaiter North Orlando and EA Sports Hosted an Event today. EA Sports gave us the go ahead to set up and give away Free Food that was supplied by some of the Incredible Restaurants we Deliver for. It was really cool seeing all the Awesome people who work really hard to bring us games like Madden, NCAA & Tiger Woods Golf just to name a few.

GoWaiter would like to give a Big Special Thanks!! To all of our wonderful Restaurant Partners that participated today!! Thank you Altamonte Winghouse the wings went super fast. DUH!! it’s Wings from Winghouse, The AWESOME Winghouse Girls Alicia & Lena who were a lot of fun and helped out big time. Thank you Maitland NYPD Pizzathe food was Amazing!! The hungry folks at EA loved it, so did The GoWaiter crew and Winghouse girls.

Were also Thankful to have partners like Gateway To India and Carmela’s Pizzeria both Located in Longwood. The folks over in Longwood at La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant. Altamonte Tropical Smoothie and last but not least Altmaonte TGI Friday’s. Thank you for all that you did to make this a Great Event

Making the Job Fun!!!

>Orlando Business Journal

May 14, 2011
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>Sal Grassano wasn’t interested in adding a delivery service to his restaurant a year ago.

The managing partner of 6-year-old Carmela’s Restaurant Pizzeria in Longwood had been approached by companies offering to deliver his eatery’s food, but he didn’t think it was worthwhile.

However, after testing a partnership with Tallahassee-based GoWaiter.com. delivery service for six months, Grassano said his restaurant’s weekly sales increased by nearly 4 percent, or about $500-$800 per week. “This was one of the best moves we’ve made in awhile.”

Carmela’s is one of more than 40 restaurants using the new GoWaiter North Orlando franchisee service , which is mostly Seminole County. Another 24 restaurants use the franchise GoWaiter West Orlando.

Franchisees on average invest $34,500 to set up a new business, which includes a $19,500 franchise fee, said Mike Handy, president and CEO of GoWaiter.

Meanwhile, the restaurants don’t have to invest in liability coverage for delivery drivers, and the service takes on the cost of printing and distributing menus to potential customers.

For the Full Story,

Read more: Restaurant Delivery Service | Orlando Business Journal

>Greater Orlando Food Delivery

May 9, 2011
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>GoWaiter North Orlando Recently signed up Panda Express in Sanford for Delivery to the Lake Mary & Sanford area. We are also excited about all the Apartments in the Greater Orlando Area who partner and work with us. A Special Thanks to Altamira this property is really nice and well kept it’s conveniently located behind the Altamonte Mall and is approximately one mile from I-4. Also, Special Thanks to Camden Renaissance A very large nice complex. Also really super nice staff Camden Renaissance’s location presents easy access to several major thoroughfares, as well as several recreational areas. A big thanks goes to Pure Living Heathrow in Lake Mary Located across from the SSC. The process of getting through the gate makes you feel like they take security serious. But all in all the people in the office are friendly and helpful so go and see what 5ive Star Resort Apartment Living is all about.

This Weeks Featured Restaurants
Chef Henry’s In Longwood
That Deli In Lake Mary
Chili’s Bar & Grill In Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary and Apopka
Bubbalou’s BBQ In Winter Park

>Local Food Delivery

May 2, 2011
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>GoWaiter North Orlando was happy to help Fox 35 with this story!


High gas prices affect other items: MyFoxORLANDO.com

Just to clarify we haven’t added any fuel surcharge. We are thinking about it. But as of now nothing has been added. Delivery is $3.99 if you order on-line and $4.99 if you call it in. The menu prices are the same as if you were to dine in at the Restaurant. There’s no Processing fee for your credit card orders and, It’s customary to tip your driver 15% to 18%. We wont be upset though, if you’re really EXCITED about the great selection that you can have Delivered and you want to tip our drivers over and above the customary amount. Our Drivers would greatly appreciate it also b/c that’s the only way they make money.

Today’s Featured Restaurants!!

Carmela’s In Longwood.
Winghouse In Altamonte Springs.
Paxia In College Park.
Panda Express In Sanford.

>Comments About Gowaiter North Orlando

April 23, 2011
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>Customers leave comments on the operator side of our software! So I’ve decided to Publish them for all to see!! So you can see what other Consumers have said about Our Restaurant Delivery Service.




This RULZ never have to leave my kids at home for the dog to babysit again!!!


I think you guys are doing a great job. I love that I can order practically anything.


unbelievably fast delivery! No idea how you guys do that! This is definitely going to become a habit for us! Thank you for making our lives easier!!


Very excited to try this new process. If it works as I tended…we will be certain repeat customers!!!


The site is amazing! I love that it allows you to customize your order and it pops up a window if there are choices to select.


I think this is a great idea. I travel a lot with my son’s hockey and a small child. By the time we get back to the room they are both to tired to go out and eat, therefore the baby is upset most of the time. Not a good experience. Can’t wait till it comes to Jacksonville Florida


I love it, it’s so easy to use and it’s an excellent alternative to ordering directly from the Restaurant.


Such an AMAZING company so many Local Restaurants to choose for Delivery from The Employees are AMAZING!!


This will be the second time that we are ordering through GoWaiter.com. Both times we ordered from Pickles Deli & Restaurant in Longwood. I hope some day you will be able to add Olive Garden, Longhorn Steak House and Denny’s to your list of restaurants to choose from.


I like it. I was able to put a note to say that I don’t want bacon in my salad and I could tip the driver. I didn’t see that part the first time I used this. What about adding Tilted Kilt in Lake Mary??


Seem pretty good. Its a great idea for those people me like me that work all day and dont have time to cook. But a better selection of drinks is needed. (I’m a Pepsi drinker..lol)



Orlando Show us Love Yelp!!

>Food Delivery In Lake mary

April 19, 2011
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>Gowaiter North Orlando Delivers for Restaurants in Lake Mary, FL. Depending on your zip code you may be able to order from Restaurants in Longwood, FL on 434. If a Restaurant in Altamonte Springs, FL is close to I-4? You may even be able to order from it and have it Delivered to the Lake Mary, Heathrow & Sanford Area. Some Restaurants may have a higher minimum instead of the basic $15.00 one. Some of the Restaurants located in Lake Mary that we Deliver for are La Antioquena we recently Delivering for this Restaurant. The Food smells REALLY GOOD!! And there’s always people eating there!! I had the Empanada and the Homemade dipping sauce and it was AMAZING!! If you’ve never tried it you can order from Gowaiter.com and it get it Delivered. Another new selection added for the Lake Mary, Sanford & Longwood Area Is The Pita Pit in Lake Mary. The Pita Pit has a few other Locations around Orlando. My Personal Pita Favorite is “Chicken or Steak Fajita” It has Chicken Breast or Grilled Steak with Fajita Seasoning Onions, Green Peppers and Mushrooms also they have a ton of options you can add to it. Chili’s in Lake Mary is another great choice for Food Delivery. My personal fav is the Southwest Egg-Rolls also Chili’s Menu changes often and it also Changes on our end. Anything you can order when you dine in, You can also have Delivered to your Doorstep. Well almost anything!! We Don’t Deliver any specials or 2 for 1’s. We also Deliver for Papa Joe’s in Lake Mary, Papa Joe’s Heathrow also Papa Joe’s Altamonte Springs. If you want a real New York exp go to any of the Locations it’s an AWESOME exp the Food is AMAZING too!! If you can’t make it in, Get it Delivered by going to Gowaiter.com and click on the North Orlando Link! We also Deliver for Lee’s Palace off of Rinehart Rd in the Publix Plaza. We also Deliver for Jersey Mikes Lake Mary located in the the same Plaza.

>Gowaiter Serving The Community

April 16, 2011
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>The Gowaiter Crew served today at The Church at Oak Level in Ocoee,FL. Once a month The members of The Church get together and help the Community by operating a Food Bank. A Food Bank or Foodbank is a non-profit, charitable organization that distributes mostly donated food to a wide variety of agencies that in turn feed the hungry. The largest sources of food are for-profit growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers who in the normal course of business have excess food that they cannot sell. After sorting and inventory, a food bank distributes the food to 100 to 1,000 non-profit community or government agencies, including but not limited to food pantries. The Church At Oak Level has very committed members that help not only once a month but some who even contribute weekly. It was a great exp being able to help with getting the boxes of food ready to go for Tomorrow. Friday’s are when they package all of the Food up and Saturday Mornings Is when they distribute it!! My Opinion is Fridays are a fun time to get to know the members of the Church. But Saturday Mornings are very moving and give you something to be thankful for!! Thanks for letting the crew at Gowaiter North Orlando come and serve!!

Other Charity’s were excited about!!
Winter Park Eats
Providing the opportunity for individuals to dine and have restaurants donate a portion to an organization the patrons chooses.
The Sharing Center
Through The Sharing Center, caring individuals, businesses, non-profits and a faith community work together to ease stunning hardships created by financial and medical crises.
Mercy Ministries
We are committed to providing the young women we serve with the most excellent program services that allow them to recognize their self-worth and prepare them to reach their full potential. Our non-conventional approach to healing allows young women to permanently stop destructive cycles and prepares them to take hope out into their communities.
Make A Wish Foundation
We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

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